Journey to a fuller life

I picked up my first cigarette when I was 15 and more than 20 years later I’m still smoking.

In my graduating year of high school I smoked even when I was Class President, what an example!  In college I smoked to look cool and be “in”.  When I started working, I smoked to “relieve” stress and relax.  When I got older, I smoked because I was addicted.

I started to exercise in my early twenties by cycling, we were using very old and heavy mountain bikes back then but we enjoyed the feeling on being on the road so we did it again the following weekend and again and again until we got hooked.  I started saving my salary so that I could buy that aerodynamic seat-post or that new model of Rudy Project shades, etc, etc…  On sundays we would ride to Catmon which is approximately 50km away making the total mileage 100km in a day.  When we had more time, we would go beyond Catmon and come back home close to 12 noon.  During our rides, I would look forward to the break we will be having at the turnaround because I could then smoke 1-2 cigarettes before getting back on the bike and ride home.  It affected my breathing a little bit but hey, I was young and I could take the abuse to my lungs.

I continued to smoke despite regularly exercising.

In our bike rides, we met other cyclists who were into triathlons and they invited us to join them.  So we started swimming and running.  Swimming was our weakest discipline, I particularly had a difficult time in learning the proper technique for long distance swimming and was usually the last or second to the last one to come out of the water.  But we at least enjoyed some of the runs.  We ran 10k’s sponsored by Milo and Pharmaton.  I ran my first 21km in the late 90’s, in the Tri-City Run that started at the Lapu-lapu Shrine in Mactan, passed thru Mandaue City Hall and ended at Cebu City Hall.

I participated in triathlons in Mactan, Danao, Balamban, and in Bohol for roughly 2 years and during this time I continued to smoke without slowing down.  I smoked before AND after every training session be it any of the 3 sports.  I even smoked before going to the starting line of each triathlon event!

I felt invincible…..

I stopped joining triathlons because it took too much time to train for 3 sports but continued cycling.  My 2 triathlon buddies Edward and Stephen continued joining triathlons for several years more.

My triathlon buddies Stephen and Edward.  Only Jerome is missing from this photo.

I got back into running last September of 2009 when the Cebu City Marathon was announced.  By this time, I had already tried so many times to quit smoking and I saw this as an opportunity to run my first full marathon and quit smoking at the same time.  But due to TMTS Syndrome, I got injured the very first week of my training and had to rest for 2 months resulting in even more smoking.

By the time I recovered from the injury one month before the CCM and I was already back to a pack a day.  It was too late for me to train for the full marathon so I trained hard for 4 weeks then ran the half and did it in 2:24.  Since then I’ve never stopped running.  Unfortunately, I also didn’t stop smoking.

Now I’m training for the 1st Cebu Ultramarathon, a 50km race that starts in Balamban and ends at the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

My thoughts are if I survive training and finishing this race without quitting smoking, for the rest of my life it would be next to impossible to stop.  It would always be at the back of my mind that I can engage in any sport even if I smoke.

So if there ever was a right time to stop, now would be as good as any.

So after more than 20 years, thousands and thousands of cigarettes, hundreds of lighters, and dozens of failed attempts to quit;

I’ve now stopped smoking.

I know this is my last attempt because this time I’m not going to fail.

I know God will give me the strength.

This is for my family and my friends who have supported and encouraged me.


12 thoughts on “Journey to a fuller life

  1. Jacob! What an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing it to everybody. I know how you feel! We are in the same boat! I was one of those that actually did the cycling, running and triathlon with you. I remember when we stopped in Opon, we would rather light up first than drink or eat something. However I have quit smoking so many times that I can't even remember how many. It's not the easiest thing to do. In fact one of the hardest things that I had to do! I have quitted a week at one time, a couple of months and even a couple of years but unfortunately I kept coming back to smoking. I was doing this while I was doing century rides, running and swimming. I smoked a cigarette a year ago and that was it! I as back. Now I am giving it up for good! Last cigarette was Sept 11. Barely a month! Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. @Jsatorre – Thanks rom. Yeah I remember those rides and training we did. Smoking was just part of our routine. I'm glad to hear you have also stopped. You must be enjoying your rides more. If you could write up your experience rom, I'd also like to read it. I'm sure that will be more inspiring because of your super-long rides there in the US! 🙂

  3. Inspiring story Jacob! I hope someday you'll be able to quit smoking. Your triathlon days were fun, inspiring and I'm going there next year hopefully to train for the Ironman 70.3. See you on the road bai!

  4. well said. it takes time. but when can be the good time? only time will tell? or God can explain? either way…at the end of the day, it's about commitment brother! :-)Jah bless you and your journey.btw, i added your blog to my list. 🙂

  5. @Katol, thanks bai! Actually I'm on my third day now and I am learning to enjoy the "cleaner" air. You hit the spot on commitment part, that's what I was missing before..

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