ITB Injury

3rd of October, the sunday before Run to the Max 3.  Edward, Richard, and I were planning on running 23km as part of our training.  We decided to park our vehicles at Stephen’s house and run 3 loops of both old and new Mandaue-Mactan Bridges.  I was looking forward to this run all week.  It would be my longest run up to that date and I was very excited and felt ready to blaze thru it.

I was having some bruising on the balls of my feet so I decided to experiment with a new Huarache Sandal that had a thicker sole to give my feet some cushion.

Big mistake.

I bought a flip-flop at SM where the sole was very light and thick enough.

Before the dismantling
Trying not to damage the rubber thongs

I cut it up and plugged it with the cord I used for my other Huaraches and decided to use that.

Finished product!  The hammer in the background was the tool I used to punch the holes.

During the 2nd loop of the run at around the 12th kilometer, I felt something on the lateral part of my left knee.  I continued to run and the “something” developed into full-blown pain and forced me to walk.

Rounded sole, not flat.

When I got home, I researched and found out that my symptoms are consistent with ITBS.  I was really shocked and bewildered that I could be injured with this and the only thing that I could think of that I changed was my sandals.

So I looked back at the pictures I took of it and realized that the sole of the flip-flop I bought was rounded!

Therefore I conclude that because of this characteristic of the sole, I was pronating too much and it just so happened that we were doing loops and my left leg was stretched more than my right leg.  I’m still suffering from this injury until now but I use a home-made ITB Strap on my left leg and I can still run.  I made my own ITB strap because I couldn’t find it anywhere in Cebu.  I had to buy from the US but it will take time to arrive here.

Lesson learned:  I can never wear anything that has too much cushion or anything that will cause my feet to pronate unnaturally.


7 thoughts on “ITB Injury

  1. Good post, Jacob. I had ITBS 2 weeks ago when I was running a long one with Gifford. Was so devastated until I tried running in my slippers just for the hell of it and I was pain-free!

  2. I hope your ITBS will not hamper your training. if symptoms persists, try approaching Dr. Jorgen Lim or Dr. Mary Jeanne Flordeliz. They'll be happy to help you.

  3. @Ling, thanks for that. So far if I wear the ITB Strap before I run, I can finish it pain free. I'll know if it will work during this Sunday's long run.Just in case I do decide to have it checked, can you tell me where the doctors you mentioned have their clinics?

  4. Sorry ive been looking this was a post from 2010I've used Huaraches Ver Storm sandals for my 1st 21k – MILO 35thand i didn't experience like ITBS symptoms and finished Strong and happy :Dthis what ive done before the run#1 SINAND PAPER KO YUNG TOP LAYER REMOVING THE RING na makikita mo sa top area = RESULT FLATTENED SOLE MATERIAL#2 Flinat Iron ko yung area na magkakaroon ng flexing of the foot lalo na sa ball area#3 Ang ginamit kong tali ay durable na kasing laki ng butas xe by lookin at the TYING CORD manipis cya :Danyway hit me up how was your runs lately :DMr Kai 😀

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