A 42.01km Long Run

As part of our training for the 50km race this coming November 27, we needed to do a 39km long run.  We (Edward, Richard, and I) have decided beforehand to do 40km instead of 39km because what is 1 more kilometer if you’re already running 39kms right?

Fresh air and great views in the mountains

The night before I prepared all the usual things I needed for the run, clothes to wear, headband, sunglasses, etc… What’s new with my preparation is the home-made electrolyte drink that I was going to mix for the run.  I divided a Tang Litro (1-liter) pack into 4 equal parts and placed each part in a separate plastic bag together with one Hydrite tablet.  This will just be mixed with 500ml of water which is the volume of my water bottle and it’ll be ready to drink.  I’m doing this because Gatorade may not be available in some of the smaller stores and it is also so much cheaper.

Richard’s cousin Mark was going to help us by being our one-man support crew.  He would be bringing a big container of water and our bars on his motorcycle and stand by at designated points every 2.5 to 5 kilometers if we needed to refill our bottles.  Thanks a lot Mark, you really made this happen for us!

And so we started the run going up and had the walk breaks on the steepest inclines.  If not for the incline, I would love to make this my regular running route.  The air is just so fresh, the view majestic, and the people very friendly.

Elevation with some of the landmarks

We were supposed to turn around at the 20th kilometer but at the 18th, we started to consider adding one more kilometer.  This would make the total go up from 40 to 42km!  Edward has done 3 marathons and Richard has 2 under his belt, but I have never gone more than 36km in my “running career”.  They both knew I would gladly go for the extra 2 kilometers so that I can post it in my training log in DailyMile so the decision was made in less than a minute, 42 it is!  If Richard Ho of TTB were there, he would have said “Sayang ang Miles!”.  That single decision gave me a boost that no amount of PowerGel or GU can compare with, I was excited to attempt my first marathon!  Yaaahhooooo!

A few hundred meters after passing Greenhouse upon reaching exactly 21km on my Garmin watch, we made the turnaround.

On our way back, Steve Ferraren of CERC and his companion caught up with us.  They started their run from Mt. Manunggal which was around 20+ kilometers away.  We had around 3 gallons of cold water following us while they had only one small bottled water between the two of them.  Talk about hardcore
running! 🙂  When they saw that our water container was big, they decided take us up on our offer and refilled their tiny plastic bottle and off they went at a very very fast pace!

Edward and Richard felt very strong at buak which is around 33km of our whole run.  I was also feeling fine but legs were tiring a bit.  We were looking forward to eating some bihon at Willy’s but when we got there it was almost 10am and they were sold out!  We settled with a hard-boiled egg each and went on to finish the run.

It was my best training run ever and I would surely be doing it again someday…

Mark took some pictures but hasn’t had a chance to upload them, I’ll insert the pics in this post as an update when I have them…


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