My running footwear

My first to the latest huarache sandals (bottom to top of the pic).  There are some missing from the lineup because I have thrown them away.  A story can be told with each pair… 🙂


6 thoughts on “My running footwear

  1. I can't give a sure answer to that Roelle. The third pair from the bottom I think caused my ITB Injury. I suspect this because I made it from a store-bought sandal and it had a rounded sole. Or it could also have been because of TMTS Syndrome since I was going up in mileage too fast. I'm really not sure.My previous injuries wearing cushioned shoes affected the Achilles, Plantar, and Extensor tendons and since being "barefoot", I have not suffered from these injuries.

  2. Hi Jacob. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll and I just added you as well. Just posted latest blog entry from yesterday. Thank you and great meeting you yesterday. Good luck in advance in Cebu's first ultra! – Wayne

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