My Official Cebu City Marathon timepiece

I’ve decided to wear my 11 year old Timex Ironman Triathlon watch (8 Lap Memory, Water-resistant up to 200m, Indiglo Technology, Timer, Chrono, and Alarm functions) tomorrow at the Cebu City Marathon.  Yeah I know.  It’s a relic from my triathlon days but hey, it still works…

A month before, my plan was to go for a 4:15 finish time or thereabouts.

Then I changed my mind and set it at 4:35.  I was afraid I might DNF my first marathon because of (stupidly) setting too high a goal.

Then I changed my mind again. 

This time I want to forget about the finish time. 
I will focus on listening to my body.
Eating right and hydrating early will be a priority, not the pace.

And most importantly, I will just enjoy running the race with friends.

Good luck and a safe race to all my DailyMile friends, Team HardWork, Team Boring Members from Manila, TTB, Ungo, and others.. 


7 thoughts on “My Official Cebu City Marathon timepiece

  1. good plan pre. Safe, effective and sure ball gyud ni nga great race with great friends. This will be a day for running.Set lang ta lain day for racing or setting PRs

  2. Timex is a solid timepiece (go ask Piolow, hehe). I still got mine as a gift from my girlfriend 10 years ago, who is now my wife, and it still works!

  3. @Ling – Thanks!@tanting – P2,500 akong palit ani… hehe@Marc – Quality work by Timex :)@Epoy – Thanks ford!@Katol – It will be a blast tomorrow! 🙂 Good luck to you too!

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