Not a bad year, but could have been better.

Includes the Cebu Marathon 2011, Coast to Coast Ultramarathon 65km, Not a Kindergarten Ultramarathon 50km, and the Kawasan Falls Marathon.

Crashed my bike while crosstraining and dislocated my kneecap which accounts for the low mileage months of October and November.  Taping the knee enabled me to run during the start of November but was still inconsistent with the training.

Tomorrow will see my last training run for the year and 21km is the plan (rain or shine).  After that is a one week taper for the Cebu Marathon 2012 on January 8, 2012.

I was planning on a sub-4 finish time for the Cebu Marathon this coming January but during one of the 32km training runs I realized I just didn’t have enough power in my legs to achieve that.  Changed the plan to at least a 4:15 finish time, but again realized after several weeks of inconsistent training that this is also unachievable.  Now the plan for a Marathon Personal Best is becoming unrealistic, the best that I can predict for my time would be 4:30 and that is if the conditions are perfect on race day. *sigh*

Good Luck to all my friends running the Cebu Marathon, I’m sure it will be a huge event!

Happy New Year! 🙂


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