Leg 2 of CUC 100km Ultra Marathon

“An ultra-marathon is just an eating and drinking competition with some exercise thrown in.” – Sunny Blende

That’s how it was for me during the 2nd leg of the CUC 100km Ultra Marathon Series.

I had a bacon-silog 2 hours before gunstart.

Then during the race:
km 20 – Humba-dinuguan-rice courtesy of Mam Lulu Valiente
km 25 – Pospas courtesy of Noel Junia
km 37.5 – coffee courtesy of the barangay tanods of Brgy Mainit in Santander
km 40 – Pospas and coffee again courtesy of Municipality of Santander
km 60 – coffee at the same aid station
km 90 – pospas courtesy of Attorney Frank Malilong at Boljoon

I was running this without a support crew so I brought a belt bag with what I thought I would eat – 6 hard boiled eggs, 4 Leonas sandwiches, 3 skyflakes, and 4 FiberOne energy bars.  I consumed all that was inside my bag during the last 50km.

Now I’m still wondering how I managed to fit all that food inside my body! haha

I originally planned for a faster than my leg 1 50k split of 8 hrs 7 mins so that I’ll be covering most of the distance during the dark and avoid the heat, but I got an 8 hours 20 minutes time instead. I was spending too much time eating and chatting 🙂

By KM 60 I was already tired.  I tried to maintain an 8min/km pace or thereabouts but every time I looked at my watch, my pace was slower than 9min/km.  It was inefficient to jog at this pace so I took longer walkbreaks and at one point decided to walk for 30 minutes straight to see if I would recover.

At KM 84, my friend Stephen came up to me in his car and I realized that I was tired of having the belt bag on me so I gave it to him.  Being relieved of the weight of the bag and the shoulder straps somehow gave me the extra energy to go faster (mental lang yan…).  I was able to run the last 15km at 7min/km pace with 2 minute walkbreaks every 5km for recovery.  I passed and had a quick chat with several runner friends during this last stretch.  I estimated that I could get a sub-17 hour finish so I didn’t linger long with each runner.

With less than a kilometer left to the finish line, there was one runner still in front of me and he was walking.  It seemed apparent that he was going to walk all the way to the finish line so I had to make a critical decision then; either continue running and pass him very near the finish line, or let him finish first so I can have the focus of the people at the finish line all to myself.

Vanity won, I sacrificed the sub-17 hour finish so that the organizers and photographers can focus on me alone 🙂  I stayed behind him and walked.  I stopped for a minute or two so that he can have his moment of glory at the finish line before I ran up to Bodo’s Beach Resort and have mine 🙂

Finished in 17 hrs 2 mins.  Just a few minutes faster than my time in Leg 1.

Thanks to my wife Arlene and my family who understands (nalang) why I do these crazy things.

To my kumpare Stephen who drove me to Alcoy and back, I wouldn’t have been able to drive myself in the condition I was in after the race.  Thanks pre, chatting with you and Shaun at km 84 relieved a lot of the boredom and reminded me why I should finish the race strong.

Thanks to my motivator Edward Tan Ting who gave me some valuable advice on tapering 2 weeks before the race.

Thanks to all the friends who wished me luck before the race, your words of encouragement kept echoing in my mind whenever I thought of quitting.

And lastly, thanks to the tireless people of TT; Sheila Colmenares, Ledoy Mendoza, Bjane Mendoza, Joy Roset Polloso, Tony Galon, Michelle So, Willie Estepa, Alex Junia, Ervin Limpag, Loi Alicante, Jun Alicante, Humility Igana, and Joel Capili Garganera.  I salute you guys for what you’ve achieved, spending your own personal funds just to get things done, and most importantly the time and effort that you’ve given to the organization of the race.

At the finish line with the beautiful ladies of TT

9 thoughts on “Leg 2 of CUC 100km Ultra Marathon

  1. manambok jud ka ani master hehe. it would seem so easy finishing a 100k when reading this, but i know it’s very hard and all you centurions have my utmost admiration and respect for that. congrats again!

  2. Congrats sir Jacob, I was the runner behind you at the end, and the one in front of you was probably my team mate. Nipaspas na gyud ka sa final stretch, I was thinking I’d pace with you but decided to just relax and as you said, “enjoy the moment of glory at the finish line” 🙂
    It was a great event!

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