A big fat lie

A big fat lie


So sad 😦

To think I would jump up and down, raising my fist high up in the air, shouting “YES! YES! GO! GO!” in front of the TV when I saw him make a breakaway in the Alps.

How I would scoff at Ullrich’s and Pantani’s technique because they were nowhere near his.

How my friends and I would emulate the low gear-fast cadence which we saw was what he was doing right and making him win.

How we bought “Livestrong” bands because we believed in him and in what he achieved as an athlete and a human being.

An inspiration, hero, idol….. all of it was a big fat lie 😦

2 thoughts on “A big fat lie

  1. But still dispite all that for me he is is still a hero to survivie cancer and be an inporation to all.. He was just leveling the playing field cause everyone dopped at that time..

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