A big fat lie


A big fat lie


So sad 😦

To think I would jump up and down, raising my fist high up in the air, shouting “YES! YES! GO! GO!” in front of the TV when I saw him make a breakaway in the Alps.

How I would scoff at Ullrich’s and Pantani’s technique because they were nowhere near his.

How my friends and I would emulate the low gear-fast cadence which we saw was what he was doing right and making him win.

How we bought “Livestrong” bands because we believed in him and in what he achieved as an athlete and a human being.

An inspiration, hero, idol….. all of it was a big fat lie 😦



A term coined by the Think Tankers, a Cebu-based group of ultra marathon runners who organize ultra marathons, to refer to actions of an ultra marathoner in trying to complete a 100-kilometer foot race.

It is coined from the first syllable of the Cebuano words “DAgan (run), LAkaw (walk), KAon (eat), KAmang (crawl). “Dalakaka” is a concept of Ervin Limpag, the Think Tankers’ visual and graphic designer.

My first 100km

I made it.

Everything went according to plan for the first 50 km.  2km run with 2 minutes walkbreak.  Clocked in at 8 hours 7 minutes.  16 hours was doable if I just did the same thing for the next 50.

I sat down at km 50 drinking coffee and ask myself how can I run another 50km?  While slowly sipping the coffee, I thought of a change of strategy.

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