Learning the value of B2B Long Runs

Last Sunday October 31, I ran my longest distance ever – 36km.  Together with my training partners Edward and Richard, we did it in 4 hrs 46 mins.  The route took us 10km up and beyond “buak” (the corner going to Tops) and then we came back down and did the rest on flat terrain.

Sunday 36km LSD Elevation

The general feeling was good, we were trying to relax as much as possible so that we would still have some energy left for the next day’s 16km run.

Monday morning.  It was so so so so so hard to get up.  Waking up was easy because I slept early the night before but getting up was a different story.  My quads, hamstrings, and calves were very sore (let me say that again – VERY SORE!)  from the previous day’s long run.  I had to hold on to the walls and tables just to get up and walk to the bathroom.  It took ALL of my mental strength not to surrender and just go back to bed.

I kept thinking over and over again that I can do this.  I should not give up.  So I slowly continued going downstairs and because I already prepared what I needed for the run on Sunday night, all I had to do was pick up the things and go out before I changed my mind.

At the start, it was difficult to get a rhythm.  I was too busy adjusting my stride so that my legs wouldn’t hurt too much.  After a few kilometers of warm-up, the muscles were not so stiff anymore and was able to get a smoother stride.  Started enjoying the run starting at around the 5th kilometer and finished the 16km target distance without bonking.

Now I know the value of these so-called Back-To-Back Long Runs.  It is to train your mind to push yourself even at times when your body is telling you that there’s nothing left.  Doing it will enable you to eliminate negative thoughts and forget about surrender.  It’s like hitting “the Wall”, and being able to think away the pain and continue to finish the race.

Because you know you will be doing another long run on the next day, you will prepare yourself on the first half of the B2B.  You will be trained to hold back and relax even though you feel very strong and fresh at the start so as to have some energy left for the latter part of your activity.

I’m glad I have done it and I hope to be able to do 2 more of these B2B LSDs before the 50km race on November 27.