2 weeks to go

In less than 2 weeks, more than 200 runners will be running from Toledo City to Cebu City in the frontRunner Coast to Coast Ultramarathon 65km.  It is named as such because Toledo and Cebu are on opposite sides of the island of Cebu.  It traverses the whole of Transcentral Highway with killer uphills and downhills.

Race route through the mountains

Finisher’s token

I’ve done my training according to plan, oh ok, not exactly all of it but I think the long runs will be what will matter most while staying injury free.

It’s now time to taper.

I thank the Lord for keeping me and my running buddies safe during our runs.

To my ultra-partners Edward and Richard, to Katol, Doc Benjchz, Ian, Abby, Boying, Gifford, Rodney, Christian, Doc Willie, Max, Michael, Joerick, Joel, Noy Adol, and so many other friends who will be running the race I say;
we’ve DONE the training,
we WANT this so much we can taste it,
we WILL finish strong,
and most importantly, we will have FUN!



My first Ultramarathon

1st Cebu Ultramarathon 50km

First of all, thanks to our support crew Andy, Mylen, and Mark. Only three of them but they managed to do everything for us!  There were parts of the race where I was running alone and then I’d see the support vechile, it gave me renewed energy.  Thank you, thank you very much.

Run to the Max 3 : Conquer the Hill

Date: October 10, 2010
Distance: 16Km
Time: 1:30

We started walking when we heard the starting gun fire.  After a few steps, the runners in front of us were stopping.  That was then we realized we were standing too far behind that we were with the 8k runners instead of the 16k!

Photos below were grabbed from the Facebook albums of Sydney delos Reyes and James Go.

Trying to catch up with the pack with Richard close behind.

My mentor and pacer for the race Edward.  Synchronized running!

Richard taking it easy during the whole race.

Going downhill…

I don’t know both photographers Sydney and James but they sure do have top-of-the-line cameras, thanks guys.